Rhodes Joinery & Building Services

Brett runs a small to medium business sized Joinery and Building Contractors firm in Elland, Halifax.

Brett came to us after having been with one of Britain’s biggest communications companies (we can’t really name them here) for 18 months on their hosting packages, with a site he had designed using their system – he wasn’t really get much traffic or enquiries from that and couldn’t really find himself on Google, but hey, there’s a lot bigger joinery and building contractors out there aren’t they, so what would you expect?

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Why use an Online Business Directory

Do you need to list your website with an online business directory? There are many benefits of doing so.

Only a few years ago, most people were relying on the good old telephone book to find a particular company or service. Although people still rely on the telephone book, there is a new type of consumer nowadays – the “Modern Consumer”. The modern consumer often turns to an online business directory rather than dragging out that big old book; so the obvious benefit to Online Directories is that it inevitably increases your sales.

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Why Do I Need a Blog with my Internet Business?

A simple question really – if you have an eCommerce website (online shop), then why do you need a blog? Not really an uncommon question if you have an internet business.

Well, that depends on what your eCommerce website allows you to do – if you’re customers can leave reviews about products and for you as the business owner to interact with clients about your products and services, or any special offers you have on, then effectively, you already have a blog.

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20% OFF your new Website

XCEL Web Design is offering a fantastic 20% discount on your new website

For a limited period, XCEL Web Design are offering all new customers a massive 20% discount on their new website.

What’s more, this offer is extended to businesses with existing websites, but wanting a redesign for a new look.

It maybe a more professional website for your business you’re after, or even a simple brochure website to increase your online exposure – whatever you want your website to do, XCEL Web Design will knock 20% off the fee.

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Why do I need a Website

Not sure why you need a web site?

Many Small Business owners ask us whether or not it is beneficial for them to have a website. Of course, as a Web Design company, we feel it is beneficial for all businesses to have an online presence at least, regardless of the size; but we have to back that up with “why you should have a website” as well; otherwise our advice wouldn’t be impartial.

There are lots of reasons why your business should have a website, but for now, we’ve listed some key ones here.

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